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The Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority Bill Pay

WVSA has been serving Luzerne County, Wyoming since 1962. We have grown from our original fourteen municipalities to serving a total of thirty-five today. Our coverage area includes Harvey’s Lake, Pittston and Newport Township. We offer our service in over 95,000 locations. We serve a quarter of a million residents and the entire city storm drainage systems with wastewater and sewage services. The Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority is funded in part by grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our sewage treatment system meets or exceeds current government EPA regulation. The Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority www.wvsa.org uses a Combined Sewer System to collect and treat water from customer waste and storm drain run off. During times of heavy rain, the Combined System may fill too quickly and over fill and spill into local creeks or the Susquehanna River. Backups and over flows are prevented using a safety valve that will stop the untreated wastewater from backing up into businesses, homes or city streets. The safety valve also protects underground pipes from stressing and bursting under pressure.

The Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority Bill Pay Options

To make paying our customers bills easier than ever, Luzerne and the surrounding areas have several choices for paying their sewer utility bill. They can choose to pay their bill online, by mail or in person at one of our convenient payment or drop off locations.  Our monthly sewage fee is a calculated flat rate for all customers. We do accept advanced account payments. These can be made on your chosen schedule of every three, six or twelve month intervals.  Contact us to set up your preferred billing cycle today. Our customers are free to choose the payment option that fits their needs and budget.

Pay Online

Many of our customers enjoy paying their bills instantly. For your convenience, payments can be made online by visiting our website (www.wvsa.org) and clicking on the “Sewer Payments” icon on the right-hand side. Fill in the required account and personal information to set up your online payment account today. Pay your bill using your credit or debit card or with your favorite payment method.

For those that want to make multiple  Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority Bill Payments, an option shown below is available.

Visit a Payment Location in Person

If you are out doing errands, we still offer personal, face-to-face, payment options. Payments can be made in person by visiting our main office at 1000 Wilkes-Barre Street in Wilkes-Barre or at one of our Satellite Offices. We are located in the West Pittston Municipal Building, Wilkes-Barre City Hall and we have a bill pay drop-box located at the Nanticoke City Hall.

Pay by Check Using the US Mail

Of course, we continue to offer our mail in service. Simply use the envelope included in your monthly billing statement to send your payment to the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority at PO Box 33a, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703. Be sure to include your sewer service account number on your check for to insure proper account credit.

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