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Windstream Online – Easy Accessibility and Secured Bill Pay

Windstream Corp. (Nasdaq: WIN), a nationwide leading provider, provides all sorts of advanced network communications such as cloud computing as well as managed services to all kinds of businesses. Telecommunications, phone, broadband and digital TV services are primarily offered through this company even in the remote areas. Windstream has annual revenue of over 6 billion dollars; and it’s also listed in the S&P 500 index. Its official headquarter is located in Little Rock, Ark.
Not only just a simple Fortune 500 company, Windstream is also the most preferred leading provider for 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies comprising voice, network, data and cloud computing solutions. Through their online store, www.windstreamonline.com, they provide enterprise-class voice, data, and network as well as cloud solutions comprising enhanced security, superior performance and exceptional reliability to businesses across the nation from a single point of contact. With 115,000+ fiber routes throughout the North America, Windstream delivers voice, customized data, and network as well as cloud solutions, together with disaster recovery, networking, managed services, VoIP and likewise services. Furthermore Windstream, a billion dollar company with magnificent nationwide presence, provides its customers dependable customized data, network, voice and cloud services along with the peaceful notion of mind that generates from having customer’s needs met by a solid provider which is financially solvent.

Bill Payment Options and Methods

Windstream presents several suitable and authentic ways of paying your monthly bill. The payment will be issued as due on your bill by the date it’s provided. If the customer fails to pay the bill in due time, Windstream may charge additionally and it will be reflected in your successive bill.

Payment Options

1. Windstream Online: Customers no longer need paper works, instead they can pay or receive their bills online by logging into their Windstream Online account.

If they do not have any account, they can easily sign up for Online Bill Pay. First, they need to go to the Windstream online official site (www.windstreamonline.com) and click “Register Now” button.

Afterwards, they need to Select ‘Customer’ in the User Type drop down box.

Then they need to enter the Account Number and Billing Zip Code as they appear on their bill and click ‘Validate’.

After that, registration needs to be completed by filling in the User details, Contact Information and answering the 2 Security Questions.

Once this is complete, by clicking ‘Submit’ registration will be complete and the customer will get a confirmation message likewise.

  1. Auto Draft: Customers can pay via online automatically by draft from their respective checking account.
  2. In Store Payment: Customers can additionally find a payment location (retail store) near their current location from Windstream online site with just a simple few clicks.

    1. By Mail: (payment must be acknowledged and received by your due date)

P.O. Box 9001908
Louisville, KY 40290-1908

  1. By Phone: Customers can easily call Windstream Customer Care at 1-866-445-5880 and pay by phone from anywhere. There are no additional charges for completing the payment via automated phone system; however, there may be a processing fee applied if the payment is processed through a customer representative.

Features and Benefits

Customers get access to a vast amount of valuable info through Windstream Online along with account management tools which consist of:

  • Account Details – View all sorts of essential account details, like information about your services along with their rates
  • Account Balances – Check transaction history and view your account balance
  • Online Payment Options – Make a payment from anywhere nationwide at any time
  • Product Info – Access valuable information about all sorts of Windstream’s products as well as services
  • Invoices – View your previous and current invoices

Advantages of Windstream

  • Smart and Secured Solution – Be it a small business or multi-corporate enterprise, Windstream will develop and provide customized solutions to the customers that will be most suited according to their taste and choice.
  • A Proven Track Record – Windstream is well known for helping business connected to a single point. Their expertise covers valuable services such as hospitality, financial services, healthcare, retail, government, education and so on.
  • Fiber Ready – Windstream covers over 118,000 fiber route miles to ensure faster and more reliable services throughout the nation.

  • Exclusive Personalized Service – Windstream has their technicians, devoted account teams as well as 24 hours non-stop Network Operations support in order to ensure the highest quality service.
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