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Managing and Paying Your Victoria’s Secret Card Online

Victoria’s Secret is a world famous luxury brand, bringing stylish lingerie, fashion and accessories to discerning customers across the globe. Founded as a catalog company in 1977, the retailer now has over 1,000 outlets across the US, and revenues over $6bn annually. For its legions of customers nationwide and beyond, Victoria’s Secret offers quality, fashionable underwear and accessories that go beyond main street, with a stylish edge helping cement the company as a real luxury brand.

The Victoria’s Secret card was introduced as a means of providing a more flexible service to the store’s more regular customers. Instead of paying for every purchase up-front, the Victoria’s Secret card allows customers to spread the cost of their purchases, while generating reward points and benefits that lead to further discounts down the line. Provided by Comenity Bank, the Angel Credit Card allows Victoria’s Secret customers to manage their spending, and gain significant discounts, to be redeemed in-store or online.

Accessing Victoria’s Secret Account Center

In order to manage your payment activity online at vsangelcard.com, you need to register and login to the Account Center. If you already have an account, this process is simple – just enter your username and password in the left-hand login box to continue. If you don’t already have online credentials, you can set them up by clicking the link in the ‘First Time Here?’ box. Alternatively, there is a mobile version of the side for users of mobile devices, which can be accessed from the Mobile link at the foot of the left menu.

When you create your account for the first time, you will be asked to provide your Victoria’s Secret credit card number, along with other details to establish your identity and the specific account you are managing. If you don’t have your card to hand, you can still sign-up – you’ll just be asked for a few more details in getting your account set up.

Victoria’s Secret Paperless Account Management

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