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Discover Credit Card Online Activation

Discover Credit Card Company started their journey since 1985 with the help of scars.it is well-known for its exclusive rates and unique policies. Now it has more than fifty millions of its card holders. It is very easy and quick to activate (www.discover.com/activate) a discover credit card. When you receive your card, what you need is to make a phone call to Discover customer care to activate your Discover Credit Card within a few minutes. You can use your Discover Credit Card wherever it is authorized to accept.

What you will need:

  • Your personal Discover Credit Card
  • An active cell phone or land phone access

Apply for Discover Credit Card:

In order to get the Discover Credit Card, you need to register and apply for the card first. You have to go to https://www.discovercard.com/application/apply?execution=e1s1 first. You will see the welcome screen to start your application process. You will have to provide your full name with preferred suffix and last for digits of your SSN to prove your legitimacy. When you are done, click “Continue” to go to the next page.

Here you will be asked to provide more details about your to get your user profile ready. You need to provide current address along with other details such as email address, phone number, Date of Birth, SSN, current employment status as well as total gross income. You can add more users to your account if you want for free. Now click the button marked “Continue”.

A pop-up box will come out when you click “Continue”. Here will be various detailed important information and it will ask you to agree with the terms to continue further. If you abide by the terms, check the required fields and click “Submit Application”.

In the following page, you will have to provide information on your occupation, employment status, living standard, bank account status etc. in the required fields. When you are finished with the details, click “Continue” to finish the application process and proceed on to www.discover.com/activate to activate the card.

Instructions for activation over Phone:

  • Call Discover customer care at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) and wait till you get connected with their customer representative to talk.
  • Then ask him about activating your Discover Credit Card. After that he will ask you to help him by giving some information like your name, your SSN, your Discover Credit Card number etc. for security purpose, he will ask you to create a password for the protection of your Discover Credit Card account.
  • To ensure that there were no mistakes, you have to check the details of your account and verify the password again that you chose. Now hold on for a few moments while your credit card is activating.

Activate Your Discover Card Online:

You can activate the card online within a few minutes and it’s very easy. You will have to go to www.discover.com/activate to start the process. You can activate it with or without logging into your account.

If you want to activate without logging in, then you need to provide your date of birth, last four digits of your SSN number, your newly received (yet to be activated) 16 digit card number, its probable expiration date, and also a 3-digit sequence ID which can be found on the back of your card.

On the other hand, you can easily activate it after logging into your existing account providing user ID and corresponding password followed by a 3-digit sequence ID (found on the back of the card). When you are done with providing the info, submit it by clicking the “Activate My Card” button.

Now, your Discover it Card is ready to use. You can use the card anytime anywhere wherever master card is acceptable. If you want to use the card feature online, check your balance, billing statement or update your information, you can do all of these by registering to the online account center (link can be found here: www.discover.com/activate):

Now, your online account center and Discover it Card – both are ready. You can start shopping, paying bills and etc. and also check your statement and update your account anytime in a secured way.

Discover it® Info:

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