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Citibank Credit Card Registration and Activation

www.citi.com/activateCitibank, maintained by City Retail Banking and Citigroup Family of Companies, is the US based financial service provider. All of its accounts, products, programs and services are intended for use in US terms, conditions and fees.

Citybank Credit Card Registration & Activation

There are two step processes to complete for cardholders in order to start using their new Citibank Non-Employee (NET) or travel card.

1st Step: At first, to activate the new card, it allows the card holder to charge the actual expenses to the new card. For that call at 1-877-905-1861 and follow the prompts. A security or password will be asked which will be the last 4-digits of the SSN number you have.

2nd Step: by registering the new card, cardholders get the permission to log into their Citibank’s website, activate the card (www.citi.com/activate) and can easily download or print their monthly or yearly statement.

Citybank Card Registration

You need to go to https://home.cards.citidirect.com/CommercialCard/Cards.html and after that click on the self-registration button.

If you are going to use the card’s data to continue, click on the “Fill the Card Data” button and then click “continue”.

Here comes the registration page  where you need to fill in the details. You need to provide your card number and card name just like way it appears on the card. Then provide your address details in the respective required field and click “continue”.

After wards your sign on details will be prompted which will be inserted and saved for future log in. customers have to create a fully new and unique username and make sure that it is totally different from another Citibank card holder, if have any. After that, create an easy and fully unique password and then confirm it. And don’t forget to memorize it or note it down. The last 4 digits of your SSN number will be the answer to the help desk verification queries; so just type it in the answer field and click “continue” to proceed further.

Thereafter, you will get an overview of all the information you have already provided. If there are any incorrect or inappropriate info then click “Cancel”; otherwise click “Confirm” to draw the finishing line.

Card Activation

Now go to the Citibank card activation online page – www.citi.com/activate and provide your credit card number, account name (the way it appeared on your card), security code (CVV code on the card’s back), and also last 4-digits of the SSN number as well as date of birth associated with your primary card. Then click “Activate” button to activate your card.

General Tips:

The customers, who get the Citibank Card, they must have to finish these 2-steps activation process. Each and every Citibank Card and Citibank account are separate and unique and they have to be registered AND activated by using unique password and user name for each individual account holder.

Once this registration and activation process is complete, it is up to the card holders whether they want to have all the Citibank cards under the same user name and password or they want separate unique user names and passwords for each card.

If you decide to use one user name and password for all the cards, then you have to go to your account page with the access and go to your profile page then. There at the bottom of the page, you will get a “User Name Merger” button. Click and enter the user name that you prefer to merge with the current sign on. When you are finished adding all of your cards into this single sign-on, you will find a drop-down box to choose your card to access its details and billing statement as well.

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