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CapitalOne Card – How to Activate

www.capitalone.com activate card

CapitalOne, a vastly recognized, renowned and one of the leading financial institutes in the world, covers all major financial products and services including investments, loans in small and large scale, personal banking, debit/credit cards and more. The company first started its business back in 1988 and ever since then, its steady growth in assets and popularity made them a well-established company over the years.

How To Activate: Options

To register and activate the CapitalOne card, you will need the 3 digit CVV code, which is located on the back of the card, along with the account number. You need to log into your profile by going to capitalone.com/activate for online activation. If you didn’t have a setup already, register by choosing a password and user ID. Complete the setup by following the step by step guideline while providing required activate information. You will have to call 800-622-2580 to activate the card over phone by following the verbal prompts. If you need to further verify the activation, return to the online profile or you can call back and repeat the earlier procedure accordingly. After completing the procedure, you will get confirmation of the activation. If you have further queries, you can call customer service 24/7 at 800-622-2580.

Activate Online

The following things are needed for activation:

  • A new CapitalOne Bank Card
  • Your existing/need-to-activate CapitalOne Bank Card
  • SSN or TIN (tax ID) number
  • valid phone number or email address that was submitted earlier to CapitalOne
  • detailed personal information
  • go to capitalone.com/activate

How to Activate (Step by Step Guide)

First, go to the link capitalone.com/activate to start. If you already have an account, then log into the account providing the user name and corresponding password. And if you don’t have, click on the “Start Here” button to continue.

www.capitalone.com/activate login card

In the following page, there will be activate information about the requirements needed to be ready to continue further. When you are ready, click on the “Yes, I’m Ready” button.


In the next page, you will be prompted to provide your activate information. At first, you need to select your account type from the drop down box.

CapitalOne. com/activate

After selection, provide your corresponding account number (card number), which can be found in your card’s front side. Then from the drop down box, select your date of birth, followed by SSN or TIN number.

www.CapitalOne.com/Activate Card

Now, create and type in a new user name as well as passwords twice for future logging into your profile in the appropriate fields for confirmation. After that, provide your valid email address twice and click “Continue to Step 2” button. Next page is to provide information to enhance your profile’s security so that none can access except authentic user. Afterwards, “Verify Your Account screen” will come. You need to provide all the information to continue to the “Additional Options” screen, which has to be filled up with required information as well.

How to activate on www.CapitalOne.com

In the following screen you will get the message that your CapitalOne Card is now successfully activated and a confirmation message will be sent to your email as well.

Capital One Activate Card Info:

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