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Signing Up for the Belk Rewards Credit Card

Belk Credit Services offer customers rewards for their purchases through the Belk Rewards Card located at www.belkcredit.com. Operated by the Synchrony Bank, this is a popular card that is issued to customers throughout the United States, for purchases made of their products. Belk was started in 1888, by William Henry Belk. He opened his first store in that year, using his savings and a $500 loan. His brother joined in and they started to see huge success. Today, Belk is more than a century old and still going strong, offering a comprehensive online store.

Signing Up for the Belk Rewards Card

To sign up for the Belk Rewards Card, you need to go to www.belkcredit.com and click on “Apply Today”, as the image below illustrates. The button is located in the center of the screen.

From here, you will be taken to the application form, which starts by asking your basic details, like your name, address details and contact information. You will also be able to read through the agreement and view all the respective rates and fees that might be applicable to you. Here is an image showing what the page looks like:

Once you have completed the application, it will be submitted to Belk and they will be in contact with you. You will e on your way to earning great rewards for shopping with Belk.

An Overview of Belk

Belk operates in more than 300 locations in 16 states across the US. The company is now being managed by the third generation and competes with companies like JC Penny and Kohl’s. They currently have a revenue of around $4.1 billion and employ more than 24,000 employees.

The company has seven flagship locations, with another one opening in Columbia this year. These locations include SouthPark Mall in North Carolina, Galleria Dallas in Texas, and Bridge Street Town Centre in Alabama. Belk also appreciates their customers’ support and regularly gives back to the community. They help out when disasters strike, assist with educational requirements and even support breast cancer.

Tips About the Company

Belk has a wide variety of items to offer, making it ideal for online purchases. From women and men’s clothing to shoes, beauty accessories and home items. Belk makes it easy to get everything in one place, eliminating the need to shop around for multiple items.

You can also look out for discount deals from Belk, like $10 off purchases of $30 or more. You can use a coupon code when completing your purchase online, to benefit from the discount.

Another great tip is that you will benefit from free shipping when you either spend $99 or more, or use your Belk Rewards Card that you can apply for at www.belkcredit.com.

Shopping at Belk is not only convenient, but with your Belk Rewards Card you can now enjoy even more benefits and discounts. It’s the ideal way to get something back while you shop for your favourite items online. Visit www.belkcredit.com today to sign up for your own Belk Rewards Card, from the comfort of your own home.

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