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Water One Time Bill Payment

Established in 1957, Water One is an independent water utility company serving over 400,000 customers in Johnson County, Kansas. The company currently has the capacity to produce 200 million gallons of water per day. Water One is the largest water utility in the state with about 2600 miles of distribution infrastructure and has been consistently awarded by the Johnson County for its environment friendly approach.

Water One Time Bill Payment Solutions

AutoPay: Once set up, your monthly bill amount is deducted from your bank account automatically. You will receive 5 days to review your bill before the amount is deducted. This is not only a very easy option, it will also help you to avoid late fees. To manage your AutoPay account, you can call at 913/895-1800.

Self Managed Direct Debit: To use this option, you will have to register an online account with the company. Once you are registered, you can use your account to pay your bills. You can also set up a recurring payment option.

There is also a facility to combine multiple accounts and enable one click payment. To help you keep track of your payments, you can set email or text alerts for when your payments get processed, canceled or rejected. This is a very good option for those who want more control over their payments. This is a free service.

Online One Time: This option is for those who do not want to go through the hassle of online profiles and just want to quickly pay their bills. Use your account number and payment info to pay your bills. You can pay with your debit card, credit card or bank account. A service fee of $2.50 is charged.

By Phone: You can call the company’s automated toll free number at 855-366-1556 and pay your bills. A fee of $2.50 is charged for using this service.

Western Union: If you have a Western Union station near your area, you can also choose to pay there. There are around 60 Western Union stations in Johnson County. There is a $2.00 charge fr this service.

By Mail: Send your cheques or Money Orders to Water One, P O Box 808007, Kansas City, MO 64180-8007.

In Person: You can also pay in cash at the company’s administrative office or drop in your payments at the Drive by Drop Box located at 10747, Renner Blvd, Lenexa, KS.

Some times, customers can get very high water bills. Under such a situation, the customer should ensure that this is not due to any water leaks or seasonal outdoor watering. Once this is confirmed, the customer can then contact the helpline at 913/895-1800 to raise the matter. Since Water One is a non-profit public utility, it only charges rates that covers its service and infrastructure costs. As such, customers of the company often enjoy one of the lowest water rates in the region. Water One estimates that the monthly bill of a typical residential customer who uses 7500 gallons of water will only come to around $40.

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