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Washington Gas Payment

Washington Gas is a subsidiary of WGL Holdings, a public utility holding company. It currently supplies natural gas to more than one million customers and focuses mainly in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Washington Gas www.washgas.com was awarded a Tier 5 certification by the Clean Fleet Certification (CFC) program, for its energy efficient and environment friendly transportation fleet. The company intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 70% by 2020.

Natural gas is a very cheap source of energy and is widely used in many homes, primarily for heating equipments during winter. Not only is it cost effective, natural gas is also a cleaner fuel when compared to other fossil fuels. According to the U S Energy Information Administration, natural gas usage is estimated to be around a record 71.2 billion cubic feet per day for the year 2013

How to Get Washington Gas Connection

If you are planning to get Washington Gas for your home, simply follow the following steps:

  • First of all you should ensure that their service is available in your area. To do so, visit at www.washgas.com the Washngton Gas Official webpage fill the form and submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email explaining whether they can serve natural gas in your area.
  • Next, contact an HVAC contractor to decide the cost of installing natural gas in your home.
  • Then you have to fill some paperwork and submit a commitment letter to the company
  • The company will then schedule the time period wherein the gas line and equipments will be installed in your home.

Washington Gas Payment Options

Washington Gas offers multiple payment options to all its customers

  • Online: Use your credit or debit card to pay your bills online. To do so, you have to create an account at https://eservice.washgas.com.

Once you are registered, you can then login to your account and then pay your bills.

  • Phone: To pay by phone, one simply has to call their contact center at 703-750-7944 use their debit/ credit card to make their payment. A small service fee will be charged for the same.
  • Budget Plan: Under this payment option, the customer can spread his gas bills over the course of a year. The company calculates an average monthly bill based on historical gas usage and projected gas prices. The last bill will reflect any deviations during the period- excess payments are either credited to the customer account or refunded while any shortage is billed to the customer.
  • Auto Payment: With this plan, you can set your monthly bills to be paid off from your checking account at a scheduled date each month. This is the easiest payment option since you just have to set it up one time and never have to worry about bill payments every month.
  • Mail: You can also choose to pay the traditional way – by mail. Simply mail your cheque to their address at – Washington Gas, P.O Box 37747, Philadelphia, PA 19101 – 5047.
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