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Trussville Utilities Bill Payment

Trussville Utilities takes pride in serving the residents of Trussville Alabama. It provides quality drinking Water and natural gas services to the residents of Trussville and its surrounding areas.

Trussville Utilities Bill Payment Options

Although Trussville Utilities is not a very large scale company but it provides excellent customer services and several bill payment options for the convenience of their customers. The company allows its customers to pay the bill online, pay through a phone call or send the payments through mail. Moreover, if you need to pay your bill immediately, you can always call customer service department of Trussville Utilities at this number 1-205-655-3211. The customer services representative will tell you how you can pay your bill immediately to avoid late payment fee and other charges. If you pay through mail and the payment reaches the company past your due date, the company can charge you a penalty fee.

Online Bill Payment

Online payment is an easy way to pay your monthly bill. To make payment online, you need to sign in by following this link. You would be asked to provide your login ID and your PIN number to sign in to your account.

If the Trussville Utilities has not sent you your PIN through mail or if you have lost it, you can contact their customer service at 1-205-655-3211 and the representative will give you a PIN code.

Trussville Utilities Bill Payment through Mail

You can also pay your bill by sending your payments by mail. For customers’ convenience, the Trussville Utilities company provides an envelope with the bill statement. You can use it to send your bill payment through mail or you can send your payment to the address mentioned on your bill statement. Moreover, you can also mail the payments to the following mailing address;

Trussville Utilities

Postal Office Box No 819

Trussville, AL 35173.

Trussville Utilities Bill Payment through Phone

Paying through a phone call is another convenient way of paying your bills. To pay through phone, all you need is to call Trussville customer support at 1-205-655-3211 and follow the instructions.  Payments through phone can be made at this number from Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 5pm.

Queries about Billing Statement, Account or Bill Payment

If you have any questions about the fees and charges that appear on your bill statement you can take help from the Trussville Utilities Rules and Regulations Page here or for more details about your account, bill statement, penalty fees and charges, or bill payment options, you can also call their customer services department. A proper fee brochure is also available at 1-205-655-3211.

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