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TECO Peoples Gas Payment

TECO Peoples Gas supplies Natural Gas to the state of Florida. It is the subsidiary of TECO Energy, which was selected as one of the top 150 places to work in the United Stated by Workplace Dynamics. Peoples Gas’ delivery system has around 11,000 miles of gas mains which currently serve more than 345,000 consumers in the state.There are many advantages of using natural gas in your homes. First of all, it is one of the most cost effective fuels available to a home. Some studies point out that heaters running on natural gas saves around 60% of energy when compared to its electric counterparts. Natural gas also burns cleaner with less wastage, making it an environment friendly fuel.

TECO Peoples Gas Payment Options

  • TECO Peoples Gas Bill Pay Online: Using this service, you can pay your gas bills online with your credit card or debit card. Accepted cards include MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.

You can also use your bank checks for payment. There is a fee of 2.75% that will be charged for processing the payment. To register for this service follow the process below.

Another option to pay online is, to use the pay-it-now option shown below.

  • TECO Peoples Gas Bill Pay By Phone: You can pay by phone by calling either (877) PAY2PGS or (877) 729-2747 and by using your credit/ debit cards
  • Automatic Bank Draft: This service enables you to pay your monthly bills without much hassle. This is a free service which will cost you nothing but is the most simplest of all payment plans. Once you enroll for this facility, your monthly gas bill will be deducted from your bank account automatically each and every month. A physical copy of the bill will be sent to you at least 10 days before the bill amount is deducted from your bank account.
  • TECO Peoples Gas Payment Locations: You can also walk into an authorized payment center and make your payments.
  • Mail: You can send your using the payment envelope to – TECO Peoples Gas, P O Box 31017, Tampa, Florida 33631-3017.

How To Read Your Natural Gas Bills?

Every monthly bill has a customer charge that is a fixed fee month after month. The next charge is a distribution charge, as stipulated by the Florida Public Service Commission.  Then there is the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA), which is the cost of natural gas that TECO Peoples Gas has purchased for its consumers. Then comes the taxes – both local and state, plus any other applicable fee. If you have any outstanding balance, transferred amounts etc, this will also be shown in the bill. If you have any questions regarding your gas bill, you can call the company helpline at 1-877-832-6747

Energy Assistance

You can also enquire for any energy assistance programs available in your area, Programs like LIHEAP are designed to help low income homes with their gas bills. Some other programs focus on the elderly and the disabled, making sure that they are not cut off from any gas supply during the winter season. If you become qualified for any of these programs, you will probably be able to get very good discounts on your monthly gas bills from TECO Peoples Gas.

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