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South Carolina Electric & Gas Bill Pay

South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G) is a subsidiary of the $9 billion energy related holding company SCANA Corporation. The company provides natural gas to more than 300,000 customers in the state of South Carolina. They also serve electricity to around 668,000 customers in the state.

Using Natural Gas In Your Homes

To know whether the company provides its natural gas services in your region, you can call at 1-866-301-7272 ( for electricity, call 1-800-251-7234 ). Once confirmed that they are indeed available in your region, you can request them to convert your home to use natural gas. There are many benefits of using natural gas in your household- one of the biggest being that it is cheaper than other sources of energy currently available to your home. Some studies estimate that natural gas equipments utilize less than 40% energy when compared against its electric counterparts.

If you already are a customer of the company and simply wish to transfer the service to a new address, visit the following page to request a transfer.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Bill Pay Options

  • SCE&G Online: You can use your bank account Www.SCEG.Com, debit card or credit card to pay your bills online.

It is quick, fast and convenient since you can pay off your energy bills anytime and from anywhere you want. They also provide a facility to make monthly scheduled payments wherein you simply have to authorize them with your bank account and your monthly bill amount will be deducted from this bank account on a pre determined date. To register for this service, use the screenshots below.

  • MyCheckFree: You can also use the MyCheckFree service to view and pay your bills over the internet. To utilize this service, you need to have an account with MyCheckFree. Visit their website for more details –
  • BillMatrix: If you are already a member of BillMatrix, you can use their service to pay your energy bills at SCE&G Www.SCEG.Com. They accept your debit card or credit card as your payment method, but will charge a fee of  $3.50 for providing this service. You can also utilize their phone payment solution wherein you simply have to call their toll free number at  1-800-450-9160 to make payments.

  • Budget Billing: In this plan, you are required to pay only a fixed amount each month as your energy bill. This plan is very suitable for those who run their households within a strict budget.
  • Mail Payments: If you want to mail your monthly payments to the company, you can send your checks to SCE&G, P O Box 100255, Columbia SC 29202-3255.
  • In Person: You can go to any of their payment locations and pay your bills.

To contact the company for any further information, you can call them at their 24 hour call center at 1-800-251-7234.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Info:

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