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Pebbles Store – MyAccount & Credit Cards Guide

Founded in 1920s, Stage Stores is a chain of family-owned stored. The company came into being after Palais Royal and Bealls merged to form Specialty Retailers Inc (SRI), a private company based in Houston. Stage stores owes its growth to mergers and acquisitions. In 1992, SRI acquired 76 retail chain Fashion Bar stores and in 1996 it acquired 36 Uhlman’s stores in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. The company also went public trading under the name Stage Store Inc. In 2003, Stage Stores acquired Pebbles which operated 136 stores spread across 17 states. Today, Stage Stores has more than 900 stores in 40 states and 14.500 employees.

Applying for Pebbles credit card

You can apply for a Pebbles credit card easily online. Simply go to MyAccount login then find and click the button that says “Apply Now” at the lower part of the page.

Peebles credit card application

You will be directed to the application page where you will be required to enter your personal details, residential information, and your income.

Application is easy and takes just a few minutes. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with the Pebbles card.

Apply Peebles credit card

Note, you should be at least 18 years of age, have a national ID, and a US SSN number. You also need to agree that any information that you provide can be shared or retained by Pebbles.

Pebbles credit card   MyAccount Registration

Stage stores allows its customers to register MyAccount free online. To register your account, simply go to the credit card center and click the sign up button just below the login area. Sign up is easy and takes only a few minutes.

 Once you enroll, you can login to your account at any time and pay your bill online, view & print billing statements, request a credit limit increase, and update your account information. You can also view transaction history, current balance/available credit, manage your payment settings, update your stored account settings, and add authorized buyers.

Ways to Pay Pebbles credit card   bills

Stage stores offers its customers simple and flexible way to pay their store credit cards bills. Let’s look briefly at the payment options available.

Pay online – Customers can make a one-time payment online from their accounts or schedule an automatic payment for future credit card bills.

Pay by mail – simply write and mail your check to the following address Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273.

Pay via phone – simply dial the customer service below and select pay bill option then listen to the voice prompts until you pay off the loan.

Pay in-store (Us-only) – if you’re near a Stage store, you can walk and pay your credit card bill over the counter. Make sure that you have your credit card account number with you when you go to pay your bill.

Benefits of Pebbles credit card:

  • $10 Payback Reward for every $250 you spend*
  • $10 Birthday Reward
  • Christmas Reward
  • Two Personal Sale Days each year
  • Advance Notice of Sales
  • Exclusive Money Saving Coupons 6x’s per year
  • Super Charged Savings Days
  • Extended Shopping Hours Event
  • FREE shipping on special orders & online purchases


Stage Stores Inc. Info:

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