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National Grid Gas Bill Pay

National Grid is one of the largest energy services company in the world with a focus mainly in Britain and Northeastern United States. In the US, the company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and provides natural gas to over 3.4 million customers. It also provide electricity to more than 3.3 million US customers.

compared against electricity or other fossil fuels. As per a report by the US Department of Energy, natural gas dryers use just about one-third energy as against electric dryers. Similar cost benefit can be seen for heating equipments and water heaters. It is no wonder then that many US households are converting to natural gas.

How To Convert to National Grid Gas

The first step is to check if their service is available in your area. And once your application is approved, you can set up a meeting at their office where qualified professionals will hear your requirements and give an estimate of the equipments needed and the cost. Once your approval is received, your equipments will be installed in your premises and will be inspected by the town gas inspector. And that’s it The entire conversion process takes around 4 – 6 weeks to complete.

National Grid Gas Bill Pay Options

National Grid Gas offers many payment options www1.nationalgridus.com for its customers:

  • One Time Payment: Under this payment option, you can go online and use your checking account, debit card or credit card to pay off your bills.

National Grid Gas Bill Pay

To register for this service, use the screen shown below.

Every time you make a payment, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also use Western Union Speedpay service but it will cost an additional charge of $2.00.

  • Paperless Billing: If you are an environment conscious person, you can opt for paperless billing. Your bills will be available online.
  • Balanced Billing: Here, your total annual usage is projected based on your historical usage. Then, the company will determine the total cost of your gas usage and spread it evenly across a period of 12 months. If there is any change in actual usage, the cost will be adjusted in the bill.
  • DirectPay: This will probably be the most convenient of payment plans. In this option, you can simply set up a system wherein your monthly bill will be paid off automatically from your bank account at a scheduled date. You will be free from the hassle of making an effort to pay the bill every month.
  • Phone National Grid Gas Bill Pay By Phone: You can also make your payment through your phone by using the company’s automated voice or touch activated system. You can use your checking account at www1.nationalgridus.com or savings account to make the payment.
  • In National Grid Gas Bill Pay Person: If you want to pay your bills in person, you can do so by visiting any one of the more than 300 pay stations located in Massachusetts.
  • Mail: Those who feel comfortable in mailing their payments can send their cheques or Money Orders to: National Grid, PO Box 11735, Newark NJ07101 – 4735
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