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Metro Water Services Bill Pay

Metro Water Services aids the water needs of more than 170,000 residential and mercantile buyers in Nashville, Tennessee. Even though Nashville has right to an overflowing supply of pure and clear water from the Cumberland River, Metro Water Service is carried out to introducing fresh technologies to better arrange captious water resources, raise operational efficiency and produce the foremost buyer service that exceeds your expectations and trust.

Metro Water Services Bill Pay options

To make it convenient and simpler for their customers to pay the way they wish to, Metro Water Services proffer an array of payment options www.nashville.gov. As a buyer of Metro Water Services, one can pay online, automated services, bank draft, telephone, mail and in person.

Metro Water Services Bill Pay online:

Online Bill Pay acknowledges buyers to view a comprehensive array of account information online, involving current balance, bill image for past 1 year, payment and utilization history, often asked queries and open service supplication status. There are three levels of access based on the buyer’s requirements and preferences www.nashville.gov:

  • Premium Access proffers a complete set of account-access choices and self-service choices, involving e-bill registration, production of service supplications and account-profile management. You will be required to produce an online account for reward access.

  • Standard Access acknowledges circumscribed account access, involving account balance and payment, billing and convention histories. No registration is needed for Standard Access.
  • Landlord Access acknowledges circumscribed account access, involving account number, service address, account balance and payment links for a landowner’s several properties. No registration is needed for Landlord Access too.

Pay by Automated Services:

For your handiness, you may access our automated services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and by calling 615-862-4600. With automated services:

  • Bill can be paid
  •  Ordinary information about your account can be obtained
  •  News on office hours and payment situations can be found

Pay by Bank Draft:

Bank drafts are advantageous and you absolutely not have to worry about late payments. Your account will be assaulted 15 days from the billing date. To modify for payment by bank draft, you should have an account with a bank or any financial institution that proffers Automated Clearing House service. Print an enrollment form or use automated services to supplicate a form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and by calling 615-862-4600.

Pay by telephone:

By paying the bill over the telephone using VISA or Master Card, automated services can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by calling 615-862-4600.

Metro Water Services Bill Pay by Mail:              

To pay the bill by mail, you can send the bill and payment to:

Metro Water Services
Postal Office  Box No 305225
Nashville, TN 37230-5225

Pay In Person:

Bill can be paid in person at Metro’s Customer Service Centers from 8 AM  to  5 PM during the working days. Use our easily accessible and suitable drive-through window or set down your payment in the night depository at the close of hours and on weekends.

Metro Water Services Info:

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