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Macy’s Credit Card – Why You Should Get One Today

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Macy’s is one of the biggest stores in the US, and their online store, Macys.com, has become a popular destination for online shoppers. The company sells multiple products through their online store, and now Macys.com/mymacyscard has become a hot favorite for loyal Macys fans due to its ease of use and easy payment options, which include Macy’s Credit Card, Macy’s American Express, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, etc.

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  1. susanarseneaut

    I have a problem I opened an account Jan 17 2015 in Bangor Maine what I purchased I believe earing I used my card I had told the girl I wanted to pay it off then I said I won’t be getting any statement saying that I owe and she told me no it was paid in full the other day I received that I out 329 that’s 3 dollars and 29cents I m sending you 10.00 Canadian so if it happens again I will be sending my card back cut in two and I will take this higher if I have to

    • Augusto Sepulveda

      I understand your frustration! I purchased two items in a Macy’s store in Ponce, PR. The sales person insisted on opening a Macy’s credit card to take advantage of some discounts. I declined the invitation but upon her continued sales pitch I reluctantly opened an account. Upon check out I paid in full both items and the sales person assured me that no charges would show in my statement! Surprise!!! The Macy’s American Express Account Statement showed that I owed them $7.62. I called customer service and they could not tell me why my account was showing a balance when I had been assured by the sales person at the store that I was paying in full. Macy’ agreed to give me credit to cancel my balance due! The problem is now I do not trust Macy’s American Express Account!!! I will try to make my purchase at other retail stores or be sure not to mention Macy’s Account again!!!

  2. donna lee

    I would like to pay my maces account using a visa card. How do I complete this today? Thank you, Donna Lee

  3. donna lee

    My account number is jhhkhk Please let me know asap as I am leaving for 3 weeks and would like to get this done

  4. alice kraizgrun

    How can I view my bill on line without having to guess and go through all those advertisements ???

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