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Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) Bill Pay

Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) is a regulated electric and natural gas utility, based in Louisville, Kentucky, that serves Louisville and 16 surrounding counties. LG&E’s total regulated generation capacity is 3,514 megawatts and its service area covers approximately 700 square miles, serves 394,000 electric customers and 319,000 natural gas customers.

Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) Bill Pay Online

LG&E provides you with an effortless method to create an online account where you can explore the options of online billing and payment and view current and previous account history of upto 12 months, account balance, usage and payment information. You can make payments through a variety of options such as online payment, through debit and credit cards or even an ATM. There are three ways to pay online.

  • Through an online account, which can be accessed as shown below.

To use the above service one should be a registered user

Louisville Gas and Electric Company Customer Service

LG&E has a fast and easy customer service program and representatives may be contacted 24 hours of the day to investigate your billing options whether you want to learn your account balance, pay by phone or find out when your bill is due. LG&E offers various energy efficiency programs where you can learn how to conserve energy and use it economically. They also have heating assistance programs through which third-party benefactors are ready for your assistance. One can also call to be assisted with the one time payment option

Environment Protection Plan

The company’s utmost priority is its responsibility towards the environment. Providing clean energy has been worked towards over the last century where LG&E has spent millions of dollars to establish one of the best environmental records in the utility industry while increasing generation to meet the growing energy needs of our customers, enabling them to win national and international recognition for their pioneering emission control measures and other environmental initiatives. One such initiative is to manage trees that may interfere with the safe supply of electricity, and in their place plant new ones. LG&E also encourages its commercial customers to sign up for a Green energy Program through which they can help in the generation of renewable energy for the cost of as little as $5 a month.

Commercial Services

Exclusive services are provided to LG&E’s commercial users such as Commercial Energy Analysis to assist them with the analysis of their energy needs and usage to attain cost-effective and efficient ways of energy consumption. Furthermore, LG&E helps you understand how costs vary when the demand for energy varies and provides you with the information about various commercial energy systems, building design, and energy technologies. If you are a builder or a contractor and require gas or electric facilities or simply want to update them, you may choose a simple project description criteria and enlist your project through the link provided on the website. A contact person for the area will then contact you for further coordination and guidance through the process.

All in all, LG&E is an exceptional energy provider for all your needs whether they are residential or commercial. Through a set of dedicated and friendly company representatives, you can easily find out all you want about the services that they have to offer and rest assured that you will receive the best.

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