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Kansas Gas Service Bill Pay

Kansas Gas service was formed in 1997. Before that they were known under other names but changed for the last time when ONEOK bought natural gas from western resources.  They now provide natural gas to over 630,000 customers throughout Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.


Kansas Gas Service Bill Pay Options

To be able to please customers from all walks of life and ensure they can keep on top of their bills KGS have many different payment options. You can pay online at www.kansasgasservice.com, automatic bank transfer, credit or debit card over the telephone or visit a payment location.  This means that even those people who don’t work a 9 to 5 job or need to be away from home a lot can still take control of their bills.

Kansas Gas Service Bill Pay Online

To pay a bill online, customers will need to have an online account. They can open one at any time with ease and quickly by entering their details. Once the account has been set up it will be easy for them to gain access by just entering their username and password.

Online accounts are protected so that the information saved by the customer is only accessible to them and the company. Pages are encrypted for extra security. To register, new customers are required to fill in their details on the following screen.

The e-check service is also available online. It is basically a way for customers to make a one of payment without having to set up an automatic bank transfer. This is great if customers realise that they have limited time to bring their account up to date or cannot use their usual method of payment. Each time this service is used the customer’s bank details will need to be re-entered as they are not stored.

Automatic Bank Transfer

The easiest way to make sure bills are paid on time is to set up an automatic transfer. What happens is the customer sets a date each month for the money to be taken that fits around the time they receive their finances. This is taken automatically so they don’t need to do a thing. To enable KGS to take the money the customer will first need authorise the transaction by signing into your account and following the on screen prompts to set up automatic payments.

Make a payment over the phone

Customers who have a debit or credit card can make their bill payments over the phone. They will need to have their account number(s) of www.kansasgasservice.com to hand when they call. This method is great when customers are not at home but need to pay their bill. The line is open 24 hours a day and is automated. It uses button and voice recognition to take your payment. It should be visible on their account within 24 hours.  The number to call is 1-800-794-4780.

Paying in Person

There are authorised payment stations dotted around the KGS coverage area. Customers can find the one nearest to them by using the online payment station finder.  There are different methods they are able to pay at the stations, but if using one of the drop boxes customers will need to include the stub from the bottom of their bill so that KGS are able to add the payment to the right account.  If paying a vendor in person customers will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

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