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Paying Your Ginny’s Bill Online

Ginny’s was set up as a mail order catalog in 1990, offering customers across America access to the latest home and lifestyle products, delivered directly to their door. Today, Ginny’s remains one of the most well known players in this market, and people now turn in equal numbers to the Ginny’s website as its catalog for identifying new, interesting products. A family run business, Ginny’s 25 years on is still bringing happiness to families and households nationwide.

When it comes to paying down your Ginny’s bill, you are often required to pay the balance on a monthly basis, helping to keep in control of the principal while preventing excess interest charges from building up. Luckily there are a series of different ways you can pay for your Ginny’s products at ginnys.com, or indeed the balance on your account, so you can remain in good standing.

Ginny’s My Account

Ginny’s online management panel is the primary method for managing your account, your billing and your payments, and most people prefer to use the online method of account management for the most efficient access to their billing. You can access the online account panel at the ginnys.com website. Click the My Account link at the top of the page to access the login area for your account.

At this stage, you will be asked to sign in to your account, providing the username and email you have previously created. If you haven’t yet set up your account details, you can do so from the Create an Account link on this next page. Be sure to have your account number and reference details for your Ginny’s account before setting up your online login – this will save time during the process, and ensure you are able to manage your account in the most effective way.

Online Ginny’s Payment Methods

Once you are inside the Ginny’s online payment center, Choose & Charge customers have the option to pay up against their account balance to reduce overall interest charges and meet their monthly repayment schedule. For those who are buying products outright, there are also one-time payment methods, via the Ginny’s online payment gateway.

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  1. Alarice & John Turnbough

    This was to be easy, but I am just trying to make a payment !

  2. Adriana Soto

    I am trying to pay my bill on line, just this month. Next month I will mail my payment.

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