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How To Pay Online On eService.BananaRepublic.com

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eService Banana Republic is a clothing and accessories retail chain, founded with a strong upscale safari theme in San Francisco in 1978. Today, the company has over 642 locations across 32 different countries, and is owned by major fashion retailer Gap Inc. Known for its high but practical fashion, eService Banana Republic is a hit with stylish men and women across the US, Europe, Asia and beyond.

The eService Banana Republic card is a store card which enables you to spread the cost of shopping for your purchases in eService Banana Republic, while also gaining exclusive rewards. The card allows you to more flexibly manage your finances, while also accruing rewards, discounts and other benefits for signing up. When it comes to managing your account activity and paying your bill, the Card Member Account Services facility at eservice.bananarepublic.com is ideal for customers looking for more control.

How To Sign Up eService Banana Republic To Require A Card

Head over to eservice.bananarepublic.com and click the button to register your account. You will already require a eService Banana Republic card – if you haven’t already applied you can do that through the main eService Banana Republic website. Under the ‘New Users’ panel, click ‘Register’ to begin. Make sure you have your account information to hand, as you will be asked to provide your account number and other details on the next page.

eService Banana Republic: how to login card

In order to register for an account, you must have physical possession of the card and by the named person on the account – otherwise you will be unable to register for account login credentials at this stage. Enter your details to proceed to registration. When you’ve created your account, you can login to track your rewards, monitor your spending, and make payments towards your bill by a variety of different payment methods.

eServices Banana Republic card

Keep your login details safe, and you can use your online account regularly to keep up to date with your card. This will ensure you know how much you are spending, and how much you are due to pay on a monthly basis.

How To Pay Your Bill With eService Banana Republic Card

Login to your account at eservice.bananarepublic.com and click ‘Make Payment’. Enter the amount you are looking to pay, and proceed to make a payment on your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can make eService Banana Republic payments by check, provided they are delivered and cashed before your payment date, although it is much easier to manage your account with exclusively online payments. A debit card is effectively as good as a bank transfer, and this is the preference for most people making payments against their eService Banana Republic bill.


Banana Republic online bill pay card

You can often get rewards for shopping in several other retailers on your eService Banana Republic card, in addition to shopping in eService Banana Republic stores themselves, so be sure to check the terms of your agreement to find out where else you can accrue points. This can mean more savings more quickly from the money you spend, all of which can be monitored from inside the My Account login at eservice.bananarepublic.com.

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