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ECUA Bill Pay

The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) originally known as as Escambia County Utilities Authority was formed in the year 1981. They started offering sanitation services in Escambia County in 1992. The company is driven by their mission to promote quality life. They provide water, wastewater and proper sanitation in an acceptable manner.

ECUA Bill Pay options

For the convenience of its customers, ECUA has set up various payment methods for the customers to pay their bills. The bill payment services offered by ECUA are On-line or Phone, Mail to an ECUA Office, Night Deposit Box, payment at Wells Fargo Bank and pre-authorized checking program.

Online Payment or through the phone

With a payment of some minimal charges one can pay their ECUA bill via phone or online www.ecua.fl.gov Online and phone payments can be made by any customer possessing a Master or Visa credit card. For phone payments all you have to do is to call in the number 1-855-329-0911 and follow the instructions.

Payment through mail

A person can make a check or money order and post it to the office of EUCA through mail. The postal address is:

Postal  Office  Box No  18870
Pensacola, FL 32523-8870

Payment at EUCA office

EUCA provides a drive thru service if one wants to pay the bill in person at the office of ECUA. The office is located in Ellyson Industrial Park. The deposit is made at the customer service office.

ECUA Bill Pay by depositing money in night box

The ECUA customers can also pay their bills by dropping a check to the night deposit box placed by ECUA at Ellyson Industrial Park office. The customers should however  take care that that they do not deposit any cash in the box. The payment is cleared in the next day if the check or money order is dropped on the working hours.

Payment made at Wells Fargo Bank

Customers can also pay their bills at Well Fargo authorized branches www.ecua.fl.gov. You can walk into any of the branches listed below and make a payment through cash, check and money order. You’ll need to fill in all the bill details in the bill stub and pay the current bill. If you want to make payment through drop box you can drop your checks or money order at ECUA drop box located at Troy State campus at 21 New Warrington Road. The customer just needs to take care that he deposits money 2 days prior as it takes two days for the bill to get cleared when the payment is made using drop box.

4341 W. Fairfield Dr.

4441 Bayou Blvd.

21 East Garden St.
1745 East Nine Mile Rd.
235 E. Nine Mile Rd., Suite 2
6425 Mobile Hwy

5151 N. 9th Ave., in the campus of sacred heart hospital
3775 Gulf Breeze Parkway
5650 N. Pensacola Blvd

The Pre-Authorized Checking Program (PAC)

When the bill is paid directly from a bank account by the automatic transfer method, then it is called pre authorized Checking program. The process of using PAC is very simple. The service user, at first, needs to complete the authorization agreement which is readily available online. Then he needs to attach a void check, to the form. He is required to return it. This can be done either in next payment or it could be returned to the customer service location.  The account is now set up and you can use the service for two billing cycles. The information on the bill is obviously sent online, in your account.

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