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Dominion Bill Pay

Dominion have roots that go back to the 1787 and started off by taking over hydroelectric stations and started a steam power facility the following year. Since then they have grown to become one of the biggest producers of energy in the whole Nation.

They now have around 11,000 miles of piping that provides natural gas to their customers and 6,400 miles of electrical transmission lines. They have customers in 15 States and now have one of the biggest gas storage facilities in the Nation.

Dominion Bill Pay Options

Customers of Dominion can choose to pay their bills in a variety of ways. They know that one method may not suit another so have strived to provide for everyone whether they have a business or residential account with them. Their Dominion Bill Pay options are online, automatic bank transfer, by phone, in person or by post. Find the bill pay options at www.dom.com

Dominion Online payments

Customers of Dominion can pay their bill safely and securely via our website.  Before you can start paying this way you will need to set up and online account but that will only take a few minutes. There are other advantages to having an online account such as being able to view your bill online and keep track of your usage.  Once you have set up your account you will only need to enter your username and password to access it in future.

Automatic Bank Transfer

To make life easier and save you worrying about paying your bill on time you can set up an automatic bank transfer. The money will be taken at a time set by you, so you can make sure the date is after your pay day. You will have to give authorization for the money to be taken from your account on www.dom.com Dominion Bill Pay. You can do this by registering online.

Make Payments over the phone

If you wish to phone to make a one off payment then all you need to do is ring 1-800-573-1147. This is great for those who usually pay by another method and cannot or are away from home. You should be aware though that there is a fee for paying via telephone.

Dominion Bill Pay in Person

You can check online to see if you are near a payment center that will allow you to pay in person.  You are able to use cash, a traveler’s cahiers or normal check or a money order to pay your bill. You will have to pay for this service but will receive a receipt as proof of your payment.  If you use Walmart you will have to use cash or a debit card as other forms of payment are not accepted.

Sending your payment by post

If you prefer to pay by post you should ensure that you include your account number so that your payment can be put against your account. Also remember that you have to consider the amount of time it takes for the payment to reach us and be processed so try to send it 5 days before the bill is due to avoid late payment fees.

The address for sending payments to is:


P.O. Box 26543

Richmond, VA 23290-0001

Dominion Info:

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