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Denver Water Utilities Bill Pay

The oldest water company of Colorado; Denver Water, has been serving Denver city with quality water since 1918. No wonder, Denver Water is the largest water supply company in the down, which speaks of consumers’ trust in the company.

 Denver Water Utilities Bill Pay Options

Depending upon your convenience, you can opt from a variety of payment options being offered by the company www.denverwater.org. There are five different ways in which you can pay your Denver Water bill. Here is a brief account of those payment methods;

Automatic Pay Plan

Automatic pay plan is one of the easiest payment methods that the company offers right now. All you have to do is to tell the company about your checking or saving account and your bill will automatically be charged to that account. The company would deduct your bill from your account which means that your bill payment would never be delayed and bills would be paid without any hassle. Bills will be deducted after at least 20 days of your billing date.


Through Denver Water’s E-Bill payment method, you can securely and easily make online payment of your bill. The company sends you the bill through email and you can pay off your bill through the same secure email. You can make payment through debit card, credit card or through electronic check. It saves your time and expenses of postage and checks.

Web Pay

You can use this option for the online payment of your Denver Water bill whenever you want www.denverwater.org. All you have to do is to log in and use your 10 digits Denver Water account number. There is no need of any passwords or PIN codes. You can then pay through electronic check, ATM or debit card, or through credit card.

Denver Water Utilities Bill Pay by Phone

You can make your payment by phone as well. You can either opt for automated Pay by Phone Option and follow the instructions for each step or you can talk directly to Denver Water’s customer care specialist (talking directly to customer care specialist would cost you $2.50 per transaction). Automated pay by phone option is available 24 hours a day throughout the week and you can pay by talking directly to customer care specialist from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

In Person Bill Payment

You can opt to pay your Denver Water bill in person. Most of the metro-area Walmart stores or King Soopers receive bill payment for Denver Water. If you are not sure whether your nearest King Soopers or Walmart Store receive bill payment for Denver Water, call them within service hours for confirmation. King Soopers accept cash payment only. You can’t pay through credit card or debit card. Whereas, you can make cash payment or you can pay through PIN based debit card at Walmart.  Neither King Soopers nor Walmart accept payment through checks or credit cards. Moreover, you would need your statement or your account number in order to use this payment method.

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