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ComEd Bill Pay

ComEd logoComEd (short for Commonwealth Edison) started off as Western Edison Light Company. They were original owned by Thomas Edison the famous inventor and researcher. Since then they have grown significantly and now provide electric to 3.8 million customers, which means they cover around 70% of Northern Illinois. This equates to a staggering 11,400 miles of coverage.

ComEd Bill Pay Options

To ensure they provide a great customer service and choices for customers to pay their bills they ensure that everyone is able to pay in a way that suits their financial situation best. Customers can pay their bills online at Www.Comed.Com, by post, direct bank payments and at a payment location.

Paying Online

Customers can pay online once they have registered for an online account.

Benefits to doing so include, being able to view your bill at any time night or day. They can also benefit from having a secure and safe way to pay their bill at any time night or day all year round. Online payments on Www.Comed.Com can be made using a debit or credit card and only takes a few minutes.

This is a great service for those who do not have the time or cannot get to a payment location.

ComEd Bill Pay by post

Customers have the option of paying their bills by post. One thing that they need to remember is that it can take a few days for their bill payment to reach the office, then of course to be processed so they should bear this in mind and ensure they get it in the post early to avoid being charged for late payments.  Payments should be sent to ComEd, P.O. Box 6111, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6111. Customers should ensure they include the stub they received at the bottom of their bill so that the payment can be added to the account quickly.

Paying directly from your bank        

Lots of people now pay their bills automatically from their bank accounts. This option means that they can choose a day after they are paid to ensure they keep up with their payments and do not have to worry about being reminded or putting money aside. Most will choose the same day, or day after they receive their wages to pay so that they know what they have left to last the remainder of the month. Before payments can be made this way an authorization form will have to be completed.

Paying ComEd Bill at a Payment Location

Payment locations can be found all over and make it possible for people to pay their bills in person. You can find your nearest location by using the payment location finder on their website.  Customers can then place their payment into a drop box or through certified payment outlets too and receive a receipt for their payment right away. There is a small service fee to pay with this service and if payment is made to a drop box there will be a delay before payment shows on the account. It is important to bear this in mind do that customers do not end up paying late payment fees.

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