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Columbia Gas Bill Pay

Columbia Gas Ohio has a history dating back to the early 1900s. They have headquarters in Columbus and have 1,401,600 customers in 1,032 communities from residential and industrial areas of the State. In the whole of the State they are the biggest providers of natural gas.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay Options

Columbia Gas has made it easy for their customers to pay their bills no matter how busy they are. The options to pay are online via their website at www.columbiagas.com, automatically from your bank account, one-time payment by electronic check, in person or by post.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay Online

You can pay your bills online once you have registered for an online account. It is fast, simple and secure to do so. Once you have entered your details the only thing you will have to do the next time you pay is to enter your username and password. You can access your account from anywhere so long as you have internet access, even out of the country.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay by Automatic Bank Transfer

An automatic bank transfer is the easiest way to pay your bills if you receive a regular income. You can set it up to be taken on a date that suits you best, such as the day after your receive your wages. You don’t have to do anything once the service has been set up. Before you can pay your bills this way, you will need to authorize the money to be taken from your account at www.columbiagas.com. You only have to do this once though.  Online automatic bank transfer can be made once you have registered.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay by E-Check

If you usually pay by another method but for whatever reasons are unable to do so then you can make a one off payment via e-check. This basically means that you can transfer money from your account in the same way as an automatic transfer, but you will only be authorizing CGO to take it on that occasion rather than regularly. If you wish to use this service more than once you will need to re-enter your details as they will not be saved.  You need to be registered and logged in to use this service.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay in Person

You can pay in person at one of the authorized payment locations. The best way to find one is to use the online payment location finder. It will show you where the nearest location is to your zip code. These locations can be in stores over the counted so you will receive a receipt of payment. You should remember though that it can take a couple of days for the payment to register with CGO so allow for this time by paying in advance if necessary to avoid late payment fees.

Columbia Gas Bill Pay by Post

The last payment option is to pay by post. You should include the bills stub at the bottom of the bill you have received, if you have lost this you should make sure you put in a slip of paper with your account details so that the money can be added to the right account. The address to send post payments to is Columbia Gas of Ohio, P.O. Box 742510, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2510

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