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Colorado Springs Utilities Bill Pay

Colorado Springs Utilities Provides services to the thousand in their community every day.  They are committed to being able to provide fast friendly service to the people of their community, without hesitation or delays.  That’s why they make sure each one of their customers has a way to pay their monthly service bill that meets their needs best.  Fast friendly services, Fast friendly bill pay!

Colorado Springs Utilities Bill Pay Options

Colorado Springs Utilities Auto pay

Auto pay is on an online service that allows customers to pay their bill twenty four hours a day.  With auto pay customers are able to make payments using a checking or savings account.  There is no fee for this service as it is provided free to Colorado’s customers.  To sign up for auto pay customer must fill out and return the application.  With auto pay you save money every month on gas stamps and checks.  You no longer have to worry because you know that your payments will be on time, less of your personal information is out there so it is much safer, and customers are still able to use budget billing even when they are on AutoPay.  To learn more about auto pay customers can visit www.csu.org

Colorado Springs Utilities Online bill pay

This option is set up though your financial institution and is available twenty four hours a day.  Online bill pay can be set up using a savings or checking account and is free to use www.csu.org. Today many financial institutions offer online bill pay.  Be sure to check with your for any fees that  may be associated with using their service.

Speed Pay with Western Union

Available twenty four hours a day, customers can use the Western Union Speed Pay option.  Services can be paid for with credit/debit card, or electronic check.  There are fees associated with using this service however.  The fee for residential customers is $2.95 and business customers is $5.95.  Customers must be sure to have their account numbers ready when they go to proceed with this type of transaction  Click here for a store location nearest you.


There are various locations available for customer to be able to use the Kiosks system to make payments to their accounts.  There is a transaction fee of $2.00 for use of the Kiosks.  This system takes cash payments, credit or debit cards.  Your account number is needed to use the kiosks.  For a location near you visit here: https://www.csu.org/Pages/Payment-Locations.aspx

Pay Colorado Springs Utilities Bills In Person

Customers are able to make their payment in person at the customer service center, payment drop boxed or by using the Western Union Convenience Pay.  Customer service center is located at 111 s Cascade Ave.  Open Monday through Friday eight to five.  It is free to make payment using the customer service center.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are available for customers 24 hours a day.   Payments that are allowed for drop boxes are checks, money orders, cashiers check, and even gift certificated.  There is no fees associated for using the drop boxes.  Please allow up to three days for the payments to post to your account after using a drop box location.  And as always, do not send cash through this option.  Location for drop boxes are found here.

Pay Colorado Springs Utilities by Phone

When customers want to pay their bill using the phone option they can do so by calling 1-800-236-5434.  This service is open twenty four hours a day.  There is a $2.95 assessed for using this service.  Be sure to have your account number ready.

Colorado Springs Utilities Bill Payment By Mail

Mailing your payment will always be an option for Colorado Springs.  You may mail your payment to  Post Office Box 1103 Colorado Springs Colorado 80947.  Checks and money orders must be accompanied with your bill.

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