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City of Tulsa Utilities Bill Pay

What does the City of Tulsa Utilities Provide me with?

The website provides instant figures and facts regarding the goings on of your account. Your account information reflects the balance your account as well as the dates your balance is due. Moreover, the information accessible online through your Utility account reflects recent payments you have made towards your Utility account www.cityoftulsa.org. Viewing your account balance and the payments towards the balance and the dates associated with those payments are all easily viewed at the website on your secure account page.

There’s more than Simply Viewing your Account

There is a Water Usage informational area accessible if you wish to examine up to three months of water consumption in your household. The meter readings are uploaded to the system and the online software breaks down the information to display on your account page. You can view and compare the results of prior readings to make any needed adjustments of you and your family’s water consumption levels. To register for this service is as shown below.

Another convenient feature provided to the customers and the participants of the City of Tulsa’s Utilities Bill Pay system, is paying your bill online through your account page located on the website www.cityoftulsa.org. Customers with a checking account, savings account, or debit/credit card will have their payments processed online through the City of Tula Utilities Bill Pay system. This can be used after login as shown below.

 City of Tulsa Utilities Bill Pay Forms

  • Directly from your bank account; you can use the authorization form online at the City of Tulsa Utilities Bill Pay website to grant your bank permission to directly pay your monthly utilities bill through your bank account.
  • Directly pay online through your account page, small processing fee applies when paying online, of $1.85 per payment due to Citi bank processing the request.
  • ü  Directly pay your bill by phone with your credit/debit card or checking/savings accounts. $1.85 processing fee applies to Citi bank.
  • The envelope sent with your utility bill. Simply send checks or money orders through the mail in the envelope.
  • Payments are accepted in person. Locate the windows inside of City Hall and payments can be made in person with checks, cash, and money orders.
  • Payments can be put in the night drop box on the west entrance to City Hall, as long as you pay with cash for the night deposit box.

More Options for the City of Tulsa Utilities Bill Pay

Payments are accepted for you bill at an Authorized Payment Center. A small $1.50 fee is added for payments made with check or cash.


It can take up to ten days to process the payments made at unauthorized pay facilities and if you choose to pay by mail. Termination of your services may occur if the payments are not posted to your account by the specified disconnect date. You can stop the offices or call by phone to set up a payment plan if you are unable to make the entire payment due on your account. It is dangerous if you cannot pay and let it go to cut off, then a new deposit on your account may be required.

City of Tulsa Utilities Info:

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