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City Of Houston Water Bill Pay

The City of Houston is responsible for clean water distribution and waste water treatment. They currently provide more than 146 billion gallons every year and cleanse more than 90 billion gallons of wastewater every year. The utility service they provide currently has over 2 million customers both business and residential.  The money they receive from their customers goes right back into improving and maintaining the services provided to them.

City Of Houston Water bill pay options

To make paying your bill less of a task CHW have set up a variety of payment methods. This allows those who like the older methods to use those and modern options for those who like to make life easier. The bill payment options for CHW are online, by phone, automatic bank transfer, post, in person or drop off.

Paying your City Of Houston water bill online

You can pay your CHW bill online by creating an online account at www.houstonwaterbills.houstontx.gov. Once you have set the account up you will only need to log on in future as your details will be saved to make a fast and easy transaction at the time that suits you best.

You can pay online night or day and even over the holidays. So long as you have internet access and your log on details you can pay from anywhere in the world.

Paying over the phone

Your water bill can be paid by using the phone. To use this service you will need to have your account details and payment details to hand. The number to call to pay your bill over the phone is 713-371-1265. This service is available 24 hours a day. There is a small charge for using the phone method to pay your bill to cover administration and processing.

Set up an automatic bank transfer

The simplest way to ensure your bill is paid on time every month without fail no matter how hectic your lifestyle is, is to set up an automatic bank transfer. By doing so you can choose a date where the money will be in the account each month and the money will be taken automatically. You will never need to worry about a late payment fee ever again. You can set up an automatic payment by registering for an online account and following the on screen instructions.


Post your City Of Houston payment

You can post your check or money order payment, but to ensure it reaches CHW on time you should take into account the time it will take for them to receive the payment and process it to avoid a late payment fee. The address to send your payment to is Utility Customer Service. PO. Box 1560 ,Houston, TX 77251-1560.

Pay in person                                

City Of Houston Water bill pay can be done by cash, card or check in person at one of the many payment locations. A list of the payment locations can be found online. Alternatively you can take your payment to the drop off box which is available all year round night and day. The address for the payment box is:

Utility Customer Service

4200 Leeland

Houston, TX 77023-3016.

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