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City of East Point Utility Bill Pay

East Point City has a population comprising of a considerable percentage of individuals over 60 years of age who have lived in the City for 40, 30 or 20 years. The City provides discount on its senior residents’ utility bills. With an aim of providing outstanding utility services to its customers in a cost-effective, reliable and safe manner, East Point through its customer care department supports the City’s utility services that include solid waste, sewer, water and electric services.

City of East Point Utility Bill Pay Methods

East Point Utilities offers various payment options for its customers’ utmost convenience. Residents of East Point City can make payments for their bills online, by phone or through customer care service.

  • By Phone – If customers find it more convenient to pay their bills by phone, they can do so as this form of payment is acceptable. East Point has the “3-1-1 payment call center.” This works in such a way that the residents can call 3-1-1 and they are answered by a customer service representative to whom they can talk about their payment options.
  • Online – Online payment is also one of the convenient ways of paying bills www.eastpointcity.org that is offered by the City. This is especially acceptable in situations where reconnection or disconnection fees do not exist in the customers’ bill since the customers are not allowed to pay their bills online if their total balance to be paid includes a disconnection or reconnection fee. Thus, those customers with reconnection and disconnection issues are advised to make their reconnection bill payments via the customer service department instead. Customers can only use this service if they’re registered members with the system.

They can call the customer service office to have their service restored. When making their online payments, the customers must prepare their bill that has their account number. They can make their payments from 6am EST to 12am EST. The customers can visit https://eastpointcityonline.org/Click2GovCXP/Index.jsp to pay their bills online.

  • Customer Care Center – For those customers who wish to pay their bills personally, they can visit the City’s customer care center at 2791 East Point St. They can make their payments from 8am to 6pm. They can either use the drop box or make their payments at the drive-thru window located at the City’s customer care center.

Senior Residents’ Utility Discount

Many senior residents in the City live on their fixed incomes. The City offers discount on their utility bills to help them with their payments. Senior citizen residents of East Point are given a $7 discount on their electric bills monthly per residential account. see at www.eastpointcity.org. Seniors must meet certain criteria in order for them to avail of the discount. Here are the following criteria:

  • The account must be in the name of the senior citizen resident.
  • The senior citizen’s age must be 65 or over and his or her income must not exceed $15,000 per year.
  • The discount is only awarded to a full-time senior resident who lives at the location where the utility service is offered.
  • The senior citizen must have a good standing account without any overdue balance.
City of East Point Utility Info:

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