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Citizens Gas Bill Pay

Citizens Gas has been around since 1887 when the founders came up with the idea of providing natural gas. They are distributors of Gas, water and dispose of or clean waste water for over a million customers. They also operate steam and cooling systems and have grown so much that they are among the largest companies offering this service.

Citizens Gas Bill Pay Options

No one actually wants to part with their money to pay bills and could think of more exciting things to do with their income. Although Citizens gas cannot give their energy away for free, they have made it easier for their customers to pay their bills by giving them a variety of options. They can pay by automatic bank deduction, online, by telephone or in person.

Automatic Bank Deduction

Customers can pay their bills automatically each payment period by having it deducted from their bank.  This is known as automatic bank deduction. They have to set up and authorize payments: www.citizensenergygroup.com/registration, but once they have done so they don’t have to worry again about remembering payment dates.

The customer can choose a date that they want the money to be taken out around their paydays. This can make it easier to budget, especially if they pay all of their bills that way as they know that whatever they have left is theirs to spend on other things they want or need.

Citizens Gas Bill Pay Online

Most people now have access to the internet which is why Citizen Customers are able to pay their bills on their site. This service can be used around the clock, all week and even over holidays so you will never have to worry about late payment fees again! You do have to sign up for this service but it will only take a few minutes to sign up onlinewww.citizensenergygroup.com/login.

Once signed up they will be given details that allow them to sign into their account on www.citizensenergygroup.com, check bills at their own leisure and be safe in the knowledge that all of their account details are stored securely. They can make payments with a valid debit or credit card and will receive a receipt of payment in their inbox to keep as proof of payment.

Pay by Telephone

You can make a one off payment to Citizen over the telephone. It is an automated service that is available all year round, all night and all day. To use it you will need to pay by credit or debit card. Just phone (317) 924-3310 and follow the instructions. You do not have to pay a fee to use this service.

Pay in person

Citizens Gas have a 24 hour drop off service at their offices in 21 Street and Meridian Street. You can pay by cash or post but do make sure you include details so that they know the payment is from you and can add it to your account. The best way to do this is to include a bill stub which can be found at the bottom of your bill. If you are paying by check do ensure you take into account the time it will take to clear.

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