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Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Bill Pay

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities was founded in 1972 when the city and county worked together to provide residents with a combined water and wastewater service.  When they began they had 72,000 customers they provided their services to. Since then they have grown to become the largest in the area. They now have 4,198 miles of water mains to deliver fresh water to their customers’ homes and businesses and their wastewater mains reach 4,170 miles.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Bill Pay  options

Customers of CMU can pay their bills in a variety of ways, meaning that every customer has a method to suit their lifestyle. The payment options are via their website online, automatic bank draft, over the telephone, in person at a payment location or drop off location or through the post.

Paying online

Paying your bill online means you can pay it from anywhere in the world at any time night or day. You will need to register for an online account at charmeck.org/bill-pay to enable you to use this service.

Once you have set up your account you only need to log in to make future payments making it simple and time saving. To access this service one can register as shown below

Another way to pay your bill online is by using Speedpay to process payments via western union. This is usually done at a convenience fee.

Set up an automatic bank draft

CMU know how busy modern day life can be, which is why they have added a automat bank draft option to their payment methods. Once set up the due bill amount charmeck.org will be taken from your account every month so you don’t need to do a thing. Because it is taken automatically you will never again receive a late payment fee. This is a great option for customers who have a regular income as they can pay the same date each month.  You will need to fill in an authorization form which you can find on their website. Print off and send to:

Attention: EZ Pay

City of Charlotte Finance Department

P.O. Box 31032

Charlotte, NC  28231-1032

Pay by phone

If you have a debit or credit card you can pay your bill over the phone. You will need to have your account number to hand so that the payment can be added to the right account. The number to call to make a telephone payment is 704-336-7600.

Pay in person

You can pay your bill in person by two methods. You can either find your nearest payment location online or use on of the drop off centers where you can post your payment at a time that is convenient to you. There is no need to add a stamp but ensure you do include your bills stub so that the payment you send can be added to your account if you use the drop off center.

Post your payment

The last option is to post your payment, ensure you allow time for the payment to reach CAW and be processed to avoid a late payment fee. The address to send your payment to is:

City of Charlotte

Billing Center

P O Box 1316

Charlotte NC 28201-1316

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Info:

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