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Water and Sewer

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Bill Pay

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities was founded in 1972 when the city and county worked together to provide residents with a combined water and wastewater service.  When they began they had 72,000 customers they provided their services to. Since then they have grown to become the largest in the area. They now have 4,198 miles of water mains to deliver fresh water ... Read More »

City Of Dallas TX Water Bill Pay

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A city the this supports a vibrant urban community is a city of great economic development.  Dallas thrives on the growth and balance of their community and is dedicated to providing a strong and balance service to their community as well.  Just as they are growing in the way that they provide service to their community they are growing just ... Read More »

Aqua Pennsylvania Bill Pay

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Aqua Water has roots that date back to 1886 when a supply of water was needed for Pennsylvania. They started off by building a small station that pumped water to homes that had pipes lain to receive their supply. They grew quickly as more people needed water supplied to their homes and businesses and now have over three million customers ... Read More »

Asheville, NC Water Bill Pay

Ashville water provide a waste water cleaning service and fresh water to residents and businesses in the area. Rather than being a lone standing they are owned by the city and are classed as a department rather than a company in its own rights. They keep the costs as low as possible for residents and part of the revenues go ... Read More »

Bartow County Water Bill Pay

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Bartow County water department are responsible for providing clean drinking water and waste removal and cleansing service to businesses and residents in North Georgia. They also take payments for water services and have a customer service department that deals with any requests, complaints and reports of something not working as it should. Bartow County Water Bill Pay options BCW provide ... Read More »

Barton Rouge water has roots that date back to 1889 when the first well was constructed. A contract was signed shortly after to enable BRW to create a water service that provides clean drinking water to the inhabitants of the local area and to ensure that the water works are able to provide 2 million gallons of clean water within ...

The California American Water company was founded in 1886. They were then called the American Water Works and Guarantee Company. The name was changed to the American Water Works company in 1947. Since their founding they have grown to provide their services to 16.2 million customers and cover 32 US states. California American Water Bill Pay options To make it easier ...

American States Water Bill Pay

A US public company established in 1929, American States Water Company works along with its subsidiaries in providing contracted, electric and water services in the USA. Its subsidiaries include the American States Utility Services, Inc. and Golden State Water Company. It is responsible for the production, purchase and allotment of water throughout 75 communities situated in 10 counties of Southern, ... Read More »

American Water Bill Pay

Established in 1886 and formerly called American Water Works & Guarantee Company, American Water is a large water company operating in Canada and the USA www.amwater.com. A public utility, American Water has its headquarters in Voorhees, NJ. It consists of approximately 8,000 employees and offers its services to about 16.2 million customers in many states in the US and parts ... Read More »

Anaheim Public Utilities Bill Pay

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California’s largest communities include Anaheim City and its surrounding areas. Anaheim City is part of Orange County. Famous for its convention center, sports teams and theme parks, Anaheim offers outstanding customer relations and excellent services to its residents. As the solely municipal-owned electric and water utility of the town, Anaheim Public Utilities is considered as an important department of the ... Read More »