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Cascade Natural Gas Bill Pay

Cascade Natural Gas has been delivering Natural Gas to 32,000 square miles in Oregon and Washington since the early 1950’s. Before that time customers had to source their natural gas from areas further out. Three businessmen started up Cascade Natural Gas Corporation so that they were able to provide them with the energy source they wanted locally and at a price they could afford.

Since they began they have grown in size and currently have over 260,000 customers. The gas is transported via underground pipes that run 700 miles from the Canada Rocky Mountains right to their customer’s homes and businesses.

Cascade Natural Gas Bill Pay Options

Knowing that everyone is different Cascade Natural Gas gives you a variety of ways to pay your bill. You can pay online on Customer.CNGC.Com, set up an automatic payment plan, visit a payment location or send it through the post. With so many ways to pay there is something for everyone no matter how hectic their lifestyle.

Cascade Natural Gas Bill Pay Online

Paying online has never been simpler. You only have to log into your account and make sure you have your card or e-check details to hand.

You can use this service all day and night, even during holidays so you don’t have to worry about late payment fees. You can use any computer whether you are at home, work or on holiday so long as you have internet access. All of your details will be protected and you will need to log in so that only you have access to your account. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up.

Cascade Natural Gas Automatic Payment Plan

An automatic payment plan you can find here Customer.CNGC.Com can be attached to your bank account or card so that you don’t need to worry about logging on, making phone calls or even leaving the house. You can set up a certain amount to be taken regularly on the date of the month that suits you best.  You will have to authorize for payments to be taken from your account, which you can do by filling in APP form.

Visit a Cascade Payment Location

If you prefer to pay in person you can visit one of the many payment locations. You will have to make sure you choose the convenience pay service so that you do not accrue any charges. You can find your nearest location online.

Cascade Natural Gas Bill Pay By Post

If you prefer to pay the old fashioned way you can do so by sending your payment with the stub at the bottom of your bill to:

Cascade Natural Gas Corp.

PO Box 990065

Boise, ID 83799-0065

If you choose to pay by post you should bear in mind that it will take a few days to be received and processed. This means that you will have to ensure you make the payment before the bill is actually due so it can get there on time. Late payments can incur a late payment charge which of course is something you will want to avoid.

In the unlikely event of you ending your service with Cascade Gas and wanting to pay the final bill you can pay in any of the usual ways but inform them that the payment by calling 1-888-522-1130.

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