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Birmingham Water Works Bill Pay

Birmingham Water Works was originally owned by the City. They became independent in 2001. Since they were originally founded in 1951 they have made it their duty to provide the best drinking water they can. They now provide 100 million gallons of clean water to their 750,000 customers and are now recognised as one of the best water systems in the whole of the US because of their great water quality.

 Birmingham Water Works Bill Pay options

Customers of Birmingham Water Works can pay their bills in a variety of ways. By offering more payment options customers are given the choice to pay their bills by the method that suits them best www.bwwb.org/Bill-Pay. The payment options for BWW are online, by phone, bank draft, in person or by using the US postal service.

Paying online                       

You can pay your bill over the internet in two ways. You can sign up to easypay or use quickpay that does require sign up.

By signing up to Easypay you do not need to keep re-entering your details every time you need to pay your water bill.

All you will need for future transactions is your email and password. The Quickpay option allows you to pay in the same method by debit or credit card but if you wish to use it again you will need to start over from scratch.

Paying your bill by phone

Another option is to pay your bill over the phone. You will need a debit or credit card to pay this way and of course your account number www.bwwb.org/Bill-Pay so that the payment can be added to your account. The number to call to make a telephone payment is 1-877-565-3802. There is a $2.45 charge to use this service.

Paying by bank draft

If you would prefer to take the stress of remembering to pay your bill on time you can set up a bank draft. You will need to get in contact with Birmingham Water Works for this service to be set up as there is no online form, but once this has been confirmed you will be able to relax knowing your bill is paid automatically.  One of the benefits to this service is you don’t have to pay for postage or pay an additional fee for processing your payment.

Paying in person

You can use the customer payment centre to pay in cash or your preferred method. That way you will be able to get a receipt for your transaction at the same time. The address you need to visit is 101 35th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35222. Alternatively you can use on of the western union walk in locations. The location addresses can be found on the BWW website.

Posting your payment

You can post your payment to BWW but will need to bear in mind the amount of time it will take BWW to receive and process the payment so make your payment in advance or you could occur a late payment fee for reminder letters and administration costs. The address to send your payment to is Birmingham Water Works Board, P.O. Box 830269, Birmingham, AL 35283-0269. Make sure you also include your bill stub or write your account details on a piece of paper so that the money you send can be added to the right account.

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  1. Amy Bradham Dean

    I made an electronic free check payment on May 31. A few days later i received a notification that the payment had been returned. Contacted my bank and was advised payment never submitted. Called Customer Serivice this morning to check on issue and was told i entered an incorrect routing number but she could not tell me what the number was in order for me to verify her statement.

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