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Baton Rouge Water Bill Pay

Barton Rouge water has roots that date back to 1889 when the first well was constructed. A contract was signed shortly after to enable BRW to create a water service that provides clean drinking water to the inhabitants of the local area and to ensure that the water works are able to provide 2 million gallons of clean water within 24 hours with a standby pipe that can hold 100,000 gallons.


Baton Rouge Water Bill Pay options

You can pay your water bill in a variety of ways. You will need to choose which suits your circumstances best from paying online, over the phone, automatic bank draft, mail or at one of the many payment locations.

Pay online

To use the online service to pay your bills Www.BrWater.Com, you will need to set up a western union speedpay account. This can be done online by entering your account number and payment service address.  You will need to have to hand your payment method, your account number or e-check.  This service costs a $2.95 fee per transaction.This account can be registered as shown below.

To avoid paying the fee each time you can sign up for e-bills. It will save you from having to wait for the post to arrive and also eliminate the payment fee.

Pay by phone

If you have a credit or debit card you can pay your bill over the phone. You will need to have yoru account number to hand so that the transaction can be completed. To pay you should call 225-925-2011. There is a transaction fee for making a payment this way.

Set up an automatic bank draft

If you prefer the payments to be taken each month by automatic bank draft you will need to fill in an automatic bank draft form to authorize the payment. You can download the form online here Www.BrWater.Com, print it off, fill it in and send it off for the service to begin.  If you are nearing a payment due date you should pay as you usually do to ensure you do not fall into debt or get charged a late payment fee until you receive notification that the automatic bank draft is up and running.

Send your payment by post

If you would like to mail your payment you should send it to Baton Rouge Water Company, Post Office Box 96016, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-9016. You will need to send it at least a week before your bill is due so that it can be processed and added to your account in time so that you do not get charged for late payment. Make sure you include the bill stub or write your details on a piece of paper including your account number so that the payment can be added to the right account.

Pay in person

If you prefer you can make your payment in person by visiting the office at the lobby 8755 Goodwood Blvd. You can also use the drive through service if you prefer. Another option is to use a payment location. You can find the nearest one to you online.

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