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Bartow County Water Bill Pay

Bartow County water department are responsible for providing clean drinking water and waste removal and cleansing service to businesses and residents in North Georgia. They also take payments for water services and have a customer service department that deals with any requests, complaints and reports of something not working as it should.

Bartow County Water Bill Pay options

BCW provide their customers with a range of payment options so that no matter how hectic their lifestyle is, they are still able to make their payments on time. The payment options are online (see at www.bartowga.org), automatic bank draft, over the phone, person and by post.

Paying online

To pay your bill online you will need to sign in to your online account. If you do not have an account you can set one up with your home and bill payment details. It takes only a few minutes and if you keep your log in details safe, you will be able to use them to make payments faster in future. You will have to pay a fee every time you make an online payment of $2. Bills paid after 2pm are not processed until the following day, so make provisions for this if you pay close to your bill due date so that you do  not incur any late payment fees or reminder letters.

Paying by automatic bank draft

The simplest way to ensure all of your water bill payments are on time is to set up an automatic bank draft. This is the best option for people who receive regular income and like the convenience of their bills being taken automatically so they don’t have to spend the time using the other methods www.bartowga.org. You will have to fill in a form to authorize payments to be taken to your account. You can get the form online and print it off to post or email back to the department. It could take a few days to set up the automatic bank payments so if you are nearing your bill payment date you may need to use another method to pay until you receive confirmation that the bank draft has been set up.

Paying over the phone

You can pay your bill over the telephone during usual office hours but will need to have with you your billing account number and method of payment. To pay your bill by phone call (770) 387-5170.

Paying in Person

You can take your bill to 50 Nelson Street; Cartersville, Georgia 30120 where you will find a payment window. If you use the payment window you can use cash to pay. If you use another method such as a check, you can use the drop box which can be used 24 hours a day and even over weekends and holidays. You should not put cash into the drop box.

Post your payment

You can post your payment directly to BCW at Bartow County Water Department; P.O. Box 850; Cartersville, GA, 30120. Make sure you include your details so that your payment can be added to your account without delay. Ensure you pay by this method at least a week before your payment is due to ensure it arrives and is processed on time.

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