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Aqua Pennsylvania Bill Pay

Aqua Water has roots that date back to 1886 when a supply of water was needed for Pennsylvania. They started off by building a small station that pumped water to homes that had pipes lain to receive their supply. They grew quickly as more people needed water supplied to their homes and businesses and now have over three million customers in ten states!  Aqua Pennsylvania covers Springfield Township, Delaware County and Pennsylvania.

Aqua Pennsylvania Bill Pay options

Customers have a choice on how they pay their Aqua Pennsylvania water bill. They can pay online, over the phone, automatic bank transfer, by post or in person.

Paying Online

AP customers can log into their account online at www.aquaamerica.com. If you do not already have an online account you can set one up easily and have access to your account whenever you like.

You will need to have your payment method and account number to hand to make the transaction faster. Below find a screen shot showing how to sign in into the system so that to pay your bill.

Pay over the Phone

You can pay your bill over the telephone with a credit or debit card. Just call 866.269.2906.anytime day or night and over the weekend to follow the automated instructions. If you have received notice of cut off, you should call AP customer services too, so that they are aware the bill has now been paid off on 877.987.2782.

Automatic Bank Transfer

To make light work of paying your water bill you could set up an automatic bank transfer. By doing so, your water bill payment will be taken each month automatically from your chosen account. Choose a day of the month that you can be sure your bank will have enough money in for the bill to be debited. You will need to set this up download the application form online.

Paying by Post

You can send your payment by post to Aqua, P.O. Box 1229, Newark, NJ 07101-1229. You should ensure before posting that you have included your bill stub and method of payment so that it can be added to the right account www.aquaamerica.com. You should also take into account the amount of time it takes for post to reach us and an extra day or two for processing. If possible post your payment a few days before the bill is due to ensure you do not accrue late payment fees.

Pay in Person                         

You can pay your bill at a payment location. There are lots located around the US and more than likely one near to you. You can find your nearest payment location online.  Ensure you take your bill stub and payment method with you to ensure a smooth transaction. You will receive receipt at the same time you make payment, but will have to wait a couple of days for the payment to show on your account. Bear in mind the time between payment and receipt so that you do not end up with a late payment fee on your account. Two days prior to the bill due date should be plenty enough.

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