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Anaheim Public Utilities Bill Pay

California’s largest communities include Anaheim City and its surrounding areas. Anaheim City is part of Orange County. Famous for its convention center, sports teams and theme parks, Anaheim offers outstanding customer relations and excellent services to its residents. As the solely municipal-owned electric and water utility of the town, Anaheim Public Utilities is considered as an important department of the city. It provides electric and water services to around 328, 000 business and residential customers in Orange County.  The City Council regulates and governs this utility.

Ways to Anaheim Public Utilities Bill Pay

As a public utility, Anaheim Public Utilities offers services and programs to make things easy for the customers. This includes providing them with convenient ways of paying their bills. The customers are provided with different methods of payment which include paying through automatic deduction/autopay, by mail, by phone, in person, and online.

Automatic Deduction/AutoPay

The customers can conveniently make their payments from their checking account or savings account. This payment option is actually ideal for customers who cannot make time for paying their monthly bill without delays. The payment made from the customers’ checking account or savings account at www.anaheimutilities.net. is regularly scheduled so this is a good way for them to avoid the delay in payment as well as the late payment fee. The payment is usually deducted from their checking account or savings account either on the date it is due or on the customer’s choice.  The customer must set up his or her account in order for him or her to get his or her bills paid automatically either from his or her checking account or by credit card. In order for the customer to be able to use this payment option he or she can call 714-765-3300 to request for the sign up form or you can setup yourself after registering as shown below.


The Company accepts payments made by mail as some customers find this convenient. The customers who use this method can send their payment to this address: Anaheim Public Utilities, P.O. Box 3069, Anaheim, CA 92803.


Paying by phone is convenient for other customers as they feel secure in paying using this payment option.  Customers who wish to pay by phone can do so with the use of their debit card or credit card that has the MasterCard or Visa card symbol. An electronic check is also useful in this type of payment. The customers can call at 714-765-3300 to make their payments any time, including weekends and nights.

In Person

In-person payments are offered by the Company as well. Those who find it more convenient to pay in person can visit this address: Anaheim Public Utilities, 202 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805 or www.anaheimutilities.net


Anaheim Public Utilities Company also offers online payment option for the convenience of their customers. Those customers who wish to pay online can visit https://www.anaheim.net/section.asp?id=54.

There is no convenience fee added when the customers decide to make use of the online payment option. The customers can pay their bills through the Internet from their savings account or checking account or with their credit card. There is also an option of using a onetime payment option where you do not have to register for an online account as shown below.

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