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AmeriGas Payment

AmeriGas have been around since 1959. Their aim is to give their customers new and old a reliable and safe propane service. To date they have more than 2 million customers and their service is available in all of the fifty states Also at www.amerigas.com. Even though they are a large company, they still like to keep the friendly values of a small local store.

AmeriGas want customers to have a choice as to how they pay their bills. They know that people nowadays do not only work the nine to five shifts so need a versatile way to keep on top of their account. You can choose to pay online, Autopay, telephone or post. All you have to do is choose the method that suits your lifestyle and financial situation best. If you need more information you can call the customer service on 1-866-243-5470.

AmeriGas Payment Options

Online Payments

The first option is to pay online.  Making an E-payment is easy to do if you have a debit, credit card or checking account. You do not have to pay any extras and can do so at any time day or night with the automated service. This way you can pay as and when you want which is great for those who are self-employed or get paid different days of the month.  This is posible after login into the system.

This service is available for both residential and business customers. Before you can start making online payments you have to register online From there you will have a username and password to keep all of your details safe.


If your pay is regular you could benefit for enrolling in the Autopay scheme. The way this works is that you set a date where the money can be taken from your account or card. This will save you having to write checks, spend your lunch break paying bills and also helps you avoid being charged for late payment as it is all taken automatically.  If you are paying your bill another way you will need to continue to do so until you receive confirmation that the Autopay account is up and running to avoid fees.

Pay by Phone

You can pay your bills to AmeriGas from your telephone. This convenient and automated service allows you to pay no matter where you are so long as you have your card or a checking account. Once you receive your bill you can ring around the clock on 1-866-243-5470. You will need to press 1, and then 9 to make the payment.

Pay by Post

We know that not everyone has access to a checking account, or has a card which can make it difficult to pay bills. The way around this is to pay by post. You have to send your payments to your local office, more details you can find here www.amerigas.com

Those in the Northeast region should send theirs to:


PO Box 371473

Pittsburgh, PA 15250

Western Region customers should send to:


PO Box 7155

Pasadena, CA 91109

Southern Region


PO Box 660288

Dallas, TX 75266-0288

Central Region


PO Box 140

Palatine, IL 60055

AmeriGas Info:

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