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American Water Bill Pay

Established in 1886 and formerly called American Water Works & Guarantee Company, American Water is a large water company operating in Canada and the USA www.amwater.com. A public utility, American Water has its headquarters in Voorhees, NJ. It consists of approximately 8,000 employees and offers its services to about 16.2 million customers in many states in the US and parts of Manitoba, Canada. Most of the services offered by the Company are regulated by the state area where it operates. The subsidiaries that the Company owns not only manage the wastewater and drinking water systems in the municipality but also supply residential communities and businesses with water management services and products. Its service areas in the USA include West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, New Jersey, Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Long Island, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Hawaii, California and Arizona.

Payment Methods

With the aim of providing the best customer service, American Water has provided its customers with easy options to manage their account and pay for their utility bill at www.amwater.com. The Company has provided suitable and convenient payment options for every state it serves.  The most common payment options the Company offers include payment by phone, automatic payment, at authorized locations, by mail and online.

By Phone  

If they have no inquiries concerning their bill, customers can make their payments by phone. They can do this by using their MasterCard or Visa card. They can call at 1-866-271-5522 (for West Virginia customers). When paying through this option, the customers are required to give their utility company account number. They can see their account number on their current bill written at the top right corner. When they use this service they are required to pay a small fee.

Automatic Payment American Water Bill Pay

Being able to pay on time is one of the reasons why some customers choose the automatic payment option. Through this payment option the customers can automatically pay their bill directly from their savings or checking accounts on the due date. The Company provides their customers with the Automatic Payment Form which they can download. In order for the customers to make use of this payment option, they are required to sign up at www.amwater.com.

Authorized Locations

The Company has authorized locations throughout the state where they serve for the convenience of their customers who are comfortable with this option. The customers can pay at the location nearest them.  The customers cannot pay by mail through this option however since this is not accepted by any of the locations. To find authorized locations search on the Western Union poratal as show below.

By Mail

Customers must use the return envelope provided by the Company along with the bill stub and their money order or check when using this option. They can send their payments to this address (for West Virginia customers): West Virginia American Water, PO Box 371880.Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7880.


Those customers who wish to pay online can do so through the Company’s website My H2O Online or aswater.com as shown on the login page shown.

While commercial customers or other customers who are not registered on the website can make their payments online at www.paymybill.com whose url was changed to SolveMyDebt.com.

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