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Activate Your Sears Card

Sears is one of the country’s oldest department stores, set up in 1886 to provide products via mail order nationwide. By 1925, Sears had opened their first retail outlets, and today the company is based across 793 locations throughout the US, with revenues in excess of $36.2 billion in 2013.

The Sears Card credit card offers customers all the benefits and flexibility of a regular credit card, along with a host of savings, discounts and loyalty rewards for spending at Sears. But before we start to carve up the pros and cons of the Sears Card (and whether you should apply for one), what does the application process involve?

Applying and Activating Your Card

Applying for a Sears card is straightforward, and with a few basic details to hand you can complete the application process in seconds. When applying for your card, the card issuer will look at your personal details and circumstances to decide a credit limit, and to establish whether you meet their qualifying criteria for a card as a customer.

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  1. Luan Cako

    activate sears card

  2. Jan J Karsten

    I got my new sears card and am trying to activate. I put in the correct info but it tells me to put it in again and again. How ever I do have a question. I have accident insurance with sears which gets debited to my account. We are going to be out of the country for a indefinate period. Does the insurance cover me? If not cancell insurance and payments, deducted from my sears card. Acknowledge receipt please.

  3. Donald H Lou

    Hi, I’m a new SEARSCARD owner. Now I need to activate my card. Unfortunately I’m a hearing impalement person. So I want to do activation online. Please instruct me how to do it. Thanks.

  4. Yisehak Samage

    I want to activate my searscard

  5. Michael Jund

    Got my new Sears card in mail. Went to this site to activate as instructed, but can’t activate my card that I have had for 20 plus years! This is too complicated or doesn’t work! Sears, you can have my card!!

  6. Richard F. Pleiness

    I can’t activate your new card, what’s going on?

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