Whether To Invest Or Not To Invest In Virtual Currencies?

Investment opportunities are available in plenty. Right from investing in precious metals, fiat money, the stock market, shares, bonds, debentures, and others, investment options are numerous. However, investing right is the key driver of change that will result in profitable returns. For instance, investing in the right product portfolio, at the right time, in the right amounts, and with the right merchant plays a very important role in determining your chances for profits.

Moreover, today’s investors are provided with a plethora of investment opportunities and one such new entrant in the investment market is the virtual currency, popularly known as the cryptocurrency. Although cryptocurrencies have been in the picture for quite some time now, doubts exist in the minds of investors as to whether or not to invest in it. Is it a scam that will ultimately result in losses?

Continue reading to find out if you as an investor should invest in cryptocurrencies.

The perks of investing in virtual currencies:

  1. Since it is not regulated by a single central authoritative power, its value and quantity are controlled by none.
  2. It is highly divisible making it easy to multiply. Thereby, it has the ability to control inflation.
  3. The value of cryptocurrencies has grown by leaps and bounds when compared to the rest of the stock market options.
  4. It assures very high returns in a very short time.
  5. These days there are a number of goods and services that can be availed using Bitcoins, the first ever created cryptocurrency.

The disadvantages of investing in virtual currencies:

  1. It is subjected to high degrees of volatility making it a risky proposition.
  2. The unsure nature of cryptocurrencies makes it ineligible as a commodity and as a currency.
  3. Lack of regulations has kept several investors at bay as they doubt its legality. Hence, although democratic in style, cryptocurrencies lack clarity in substance.
  4. As with every investment option, investing in cryptocurrencies is also subjected to fraud.
  5. Although developers of virtual currencies stick to their word that dealing with cryptocurrencies is safe and secure, it is open to illegal online activities.

Therefore, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of every investment opportunity, including those of the digital currencies before you finally decide on whether or not to proceed with your investment plan. It is important you have a complete understanding of your investment plan else it is equal to as handing over a blank cheque to a total stranger.