Mining Bitcoins without the Need of a Miner

Mining Bitcoins without the Need of a Miner

Bitcoin cloud mining, also known as cloud hashing, offers users with the mechanism of mining cryptocurrency without installing or having to manage all the hardware.  For users who wish to invest in bitcoin mining process without the hassle of managing all the hardware, electricity, software, or any other offline related issues, bitcoin cloud mining would be the best alternative.

Bitcoin cloud mining is quite easy for anyone to operate that the mining process has been made user-friendly for even newcomers. Bitcoin cloud mining providers were started by CEX.IO, which was the initial cloud mining company founded in October 2013.

Leasing of physical mining server or virtual private server can be done by the users of various hosted mining equipment. Instead of leasing a particular server for hosting the equipment, few services provide hash power which is hosted in data centers for vending which are termed in Gigahash/seconds (GH/s). The users are free to select a time period for their contract and a particular amount of hashing power in certain cases can even bargain their hashing power with other users. For further information on the various bitcoin cloud mining services, let’s continue reading.

Hashflare Review

Emerging as the latest player in the cloud mining market, Hashflare offers various services to users such as Scrypt mining and SHA-256 mining contracts. It also involved in the mining of SHA-256 coins which are more profitable whereas the pay-outs which are automatic remain still in BTC. This cloud mining has proven to provide greater returns for your deposits.

Genesis Mining Review

Genesis mining is considered as the largest Bitcoin mining provider as well as scrypt cloud mining provider in the world that trades in bitcoin mining contracts. This service provider enables investors to acquire mining contracts which help in mining bitcoin and altcoin via a cloud-based online network. They have mining facilities that are based in Bosnia, Iceland, and Canada.

Genesis mining provides the users with three different plans for bitcoin cloud mining that are priced at a reasonable rate. Zcash mining contracts are also available from this service provider.

Hashing24 Review

Hashing24 is a mining provider that is involved in the process of cryptocurrency mining since the year 2012. It provides the clients with access to various top data centers. Hashing24 is known for providing a hash power of more than 200 Ph/s and also offers compensation for any unforeseen time-out. The mined bitcoins of the investors are automatically deposited in their wallets.