The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore: A Review

the_guardian_angels_rohit_goreThe Guardian Angels

Rohit Gore

I rate it 7/10

The Guardian Angels is a love story. Between a rich boy and a middle class girl. Many of you are going to switch to a different tab right here because there are enough bollywood flicks to take care of your hankering for rich-boy-poor-girl romance, but if you haven’t done it already, please wait. Guardian Angels is also significantly more than your average run of the printer love story.

For one thing, it’s well written. Gore knows how to write good English, which is sadly much more than what most recent Indian writers writing in the language can claim. You will not be haunted by heinous grammar crimes or clumsily drafted sentences. So far, so good.

Then, the love story itself is actually more of a friendship story, like a story about friends who love each other without actually ever falling in love, which is the way it happens to most of us most of the time. So a love story sans artificial sweeteners. Good. Very good.

painting by Shailesh Sonwane

painting by Shailesh Sonwane

The female character, Radha Deodhar, is like an Indian Hermione, bookish, brave, and determined to stick to her cause. Strong female protagonist. Excellent.

The guy in the equation, Aditya, is a bit of a wimp, a poor little rich boy who has no direction and not much spine. But he is a believable and consistent wimp, except when he has to go into full Rambo mode to rescue his lady love. Realistic male protagonist. Great.

So with so much going for it, why doesn’t Guardian Angels rate higher? Well, it’s really clichéd, and filmy, and predictable., and a bit unreal. The rich guy’s life is like a Karan Johar set complete with helicopters. The girl is from an extremely principled family and becomes a social activist. They are the stereotypical best friends who can’t help falling in love and can’t admit it to each other. And while I appreciate that the writer avoided giving them an impossible happily ever after  ending, giving one of them an incurable mental illness and taking her out of the picture seemed like a convenient and lazy plot tool. I was hoping for a deeper and more meaningful end.

painting by Dominique Amendola

painting by Dominique Amendola

Tl;Dr: an interesting, if somewhat predictable story about shifting relationships for people who like love stories but don’t want to gag on the sweetness.

-Amritorupa “Sack the Saccharine” Kanjilal

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  1. Haha, I like your signature. I still think that this book will not be for me :)

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